Yankee Composites

Repair & Maintenance of Composite Aircraft

Now Located at SKY SAILING, in Warner Springs, CA

Yankee Composites has been on the leading edge of composite technologies, products and services since 1985. We have accomplished a long list of creations, aircraft rebuilds, repairs, and modifications. We perform annual inspections, pre-purchase inspections, minor and major repairs, implementation of factory directed technical bulletins as well as FAA mandated Airworthiness Directives.

Annual Inspections, Pre Purchase Inspections

FAA Certified Repair Station

Annual and pre-purchase inspections. Bring your glider in for an annual inspection.  Thinking of purchasing a used glider? We also offer a  pre-purchase inspection service. Give us a call.

Garret Willat, Sky Sailing home to Yankee Composites

Garret Willat Joins Yankee Composites

Now that Yankee Composites has moved to Warner Springs, California, home of Sky Sailing, Garret Willat will be a major part of the our team.  Repairs questions and scheduling should be directed to Sky Sailing, Garret Willat at 760-782-0404

Composite Aircraft Repair Specialists

Composite Repair Experts

We are experts in repairing composite aircraft,  sailplanes (gliders), composite fairings, doors, wing tips. We can restore your damaged aircraft to pristine condition. Our highly trained team is ready to provide you with the best service in the industry.

Fully Equipped Modern, FAA Certified, Composite Repair Shop

Full Service Shop

Yankee Composites is a composite aircraft and sailplane repair shop. The repairs that we do on gliders (sailplanes) and airplanes run the full gambit of possibilities, from small dings and scratches to crushed air shells, fuselages, fairings, wings, or winglets. Our work also includes engine maintenance, fuel tank repairs, and landing gear replacement. As our name implies we are highly qualified in composite materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiber glass. No job is too small or too large for either our facility or our level of expertise. We can provide you quality service at competitive rates. Thank you for expressing an interest in our company and we assure you that we stand behind all of our work, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Quality Service

Yankee Composites believes service to our clients, friends, and fellow pilots, is of the utmost importance. The wing you fly holds the most valuable object around… your life! Yankee Composites promises to uphold the highest standards when inspecting your glider. We also guarantee that you will receive an honest assessment of the repairs or services that your equipment may require. All service is done by FAA certified repair specialists with many years of flying and fixing experience. [In this image, auto gas containing alcohol deteriorated the resins in the fiber-glass aircraft skin near the fuel tank filler cap.]

Auto gas with Ethanol causing aircraft finish problem

Rick Anderson thrives on challenges. He has the skill and knowledge to fix it, remake it as necessary and succeed at whatever job he is given. As Rick served Soar Minden with workmanship second to none for nearly twenty years, he continues to do the same quality work for others. If you want the best work done in a timely fashion see Rick. No challenge is too great for this man. Rick, I firmly believe there is no one of your caliber out there. If you want to understand the scope of work his repair station is capable of doing go to YouTube and enter, “Rick Anderson,  Maker of Things“.

Tony Sabino

Pilot, Owner, Soar Minden

Rick has gone way above and beyond to accommodate our unique needs. I go out of my way to get him to work on our glider.

Daniel Kunkel

Pilot, Owner, Grob 109, Glider-Rides.com

Rick repaired the wing around the fuel filler cap of my carbon-fiber composite airplane. He completed the repairs as promised and for the price quoted. He was very responsive in answering my questions. The repair looks great and overall I am quite happy

Wes Weathers

Pilot, Owner, Dynamic Light Sport