Quality Repair and Maintenance of Composite Aircraft and Gliders

Quality and Service

Yankee Composites believes service to our clients, friends, and fellow pilots, is of the utmost importance. The wing you fly holds the most valuable object around… you’re life!

Yankee Composites promises to uphold the highest standards when inspecting your glider.
We also guarantee that you will receive an honest assessment of the repairs or services that your equipment may require. All service is done by an FAA certified repair specialists with over 30 years flying and fixing experience.

Modern Professional Paint Shop

ASW-27 Sailplane Project

This project falls in the “no job to large” category. The pilot was OK, as the front section was intact, but the glider suffered major damage.  It took awhile but this glider was restored to factory specifications.

ASW-27 Landed in Trees - Yankee Composites will Repair the glider
ASW-27 Rebuilt to factory specifications

Jantar Glider Aileron Bearing Mount Failure

Jantar ailerons became hard to control.  Inspection showed that the bearing came loose from spar where it had been glued.  The pilot landed OK.

PW-5 Glider Land Out Damage

Off field landings can be rough sometimes.  The landing gear and belly needed repair and repainting.

Dynamic Light Sport Aircraft Fuel Tank Area

Auto gas containing ethanol (ethyl alcohol) was dissolving the epoxy resins in the fiber-glass aircraft skin near the fuel tank filler cap.  The gummy epoxy resin needed to be scraped and sanded off and the surface repaired and repainted.

Schleicher ASW-27 Glider Tail Boom

ASW-27 land out incident breaks tail boom.  The broken tail boom has been cut away is is standing next to the space left where it used to be. The glider is put on a special frame to align the fuselage in preparation for the new composite tail boom to be built.

Grob-109 Motorglider Refinish

This Grob-109 was partially refinished and now looks almost as good as new.

Grob-103 Glider Refinished Inside & Out

This Grob-103 looks great with new interior and new exterior finish.

Bonanza Tip Tanks Repaired

Can’t find anyone to repair your Bonanza tips tanks?

Tip Tanks Repaired

Bonanza Tip tanks haven’t been available for quiet awhile.  Pilots send them to Yankee Composites from all over the U.S.  As experts in composite repair we can fix your tip tanks.

Give us a call, we can help.