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ASW-27 meets trees.

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ASW-27 rebuilt to factory specifications.

Yankee Composites FAA Certified Repair Station can handle any composite aircraft repair

FAA Certified Repair Station

Yankee Composites has MOVED to Southern California as of July 2017.  We are located at Warner Springs, CA, working with Garret Willat and Sky Sailing.

Yankee Composites is a FAA Certified Repair Station that specializes in the repair and maintenance of composite aircraft. The repairs that we do on gliders and airplanes run the full gambit of possibilities, from small dings and scratches to crushed air shells, fuselages, fairings, wings, or winglets. Our work also includes engine maintenance, fuel tank repairs, and landing gear replacement. As our name implies we are highly qualified in composite materials such as fiber glass,carbon fiber and kevlar.

No job is too small or too large for either our facility or our level of expertise.

We can provide you quality service at competitive rates. Thank you for expressing an interest in our company and we assure you that we stand behind all of our work, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Yankee Composites Provides A Full Line of Composite Aircraft Repair Services:

Minor & Major Repairs

  • Ultra-Light Aircraft
  • Bonanza Tip Tanks
  • Sailplanes / Gliders
  • Cowlings; Cargo pods
  • Fiber Glass; Kevlar
  • Carbon Fiber; Gel Coat
  • Mylar; Dacron
  • Wood; Metal
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Trailer Repairs


  • Painting
  • Fabric Replacement
  • Gel Coat
  • Cosmetic Repairs
  • Canopy Repair
  • Canopy Replacement
  • Registration Decals
  • Competition Decals


  • Ergonomic, Mechanical
  • Performance, Competition
  • Welding, Machining, Electrical
  • Tail Wheel Conversion
  • Implementation of:
    • Factory Directed Technical Bulletins
    • FAA Directed Airworthiness Directives

Annual Inspections

  • Annual Inspections
  • Wing Loading / Weight & Balance
  • Full C of A (Certificates of Airworthiness) facilities
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Contact Us
PW-5 Belly and Gear Repair

Composite Specialists

Yankee Composites has been on the leading edge of composite technologies, products and services for over 30 years. We specialize in using a variety of materials and processes to repair or modify your aircraft. The aviation industry has moved extensively forward with the acceptance of composite materials, and these materials are now used in all types of aircraft, including: commercial, general aviation, light-sport, ultra-light, and sailplanes. All composites repairs are completed to factory specifications.

Quality Repair Services - ASW-27 Fuselage Repair

Quality First

Yankee Composites’ first and foremost objective is to deliver a product that instills the highest quality and craftsmanship from materials to application. Our goal is to produce a product that will please both the client and satisfy our own quality expectations. We work as close as possible with our clients to achieve the results of quality and pride in our product. Craftsmanship is our number one priority. Feel confident that your results will be of the highest achievable quality.

ASW-27 Wing Repair by professional craftsmen

Professionally Run Shop

Our fully outfitted, professionally run shop is equipped with a sanding booth and an environmentally controlled paint booth. There is ample room for numerous projects to be accomplished simultaneously. To insure quality production, vacuum pumps are used to assist on lay-ups involving glass and other composite materials, and proven post-cure repair procedures are followed. We perform annual inspections, minor and major repairs, implementation of factory directed technical bulletins as well as FAA directed Airworthiness Directives.

We’ve been in the business of creating and repairing things made out of composite materials since 1985. No job is too small or too large for either our facility or our level of expertise. Yankee Composites provides superior quality service at competitive prices. We stand behind all of our work, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.